The Path To Your Soul

I see the otherworld,
the one of spirit.

I sense your energy, your flow. I know your soul, your path.

I am a conduit, a channel, a guide – to your soul’s blueprint, your expanse of spiritual support, the collective consciousness.

I reconnect you to your soul’s unique beat, so you may dance your part in the collective’s rhythm.

I share a higher wisdom channeled for those embarking on their soul path. I lead your soul through all the phases of your journey.

I am Helen Jacobs, and I am thrilled you are here.

All I See

Live, interactive, channeled guidance for the soul-led woman.


Guided Living

Build the foundations for a life lived in accordance with your truth and inner wisdom, with Guided Living.



Guidance & teaching for each phase of your soul journey.

As seen in
Laura Downie

The gift Helen has is something so special I’m not sure words can do it justice, but allow me to try. For some time I felt I was being called to step-up and live a more soul-led life, ‘but how?’ I asked. The answer, put simply, was Helen. With gentle guidance and a huge heart, Helen has a way of holding me accountable to my soul that I’ve never felt before. She really sees me and her unwavering commitment to me and my expansion is always delivered so beautifully - in such a natural loving way - that I can’t help but delve deeper into the core of who I am.

Trust me when I say, if you are looking for someone to shine the light on your soul’s path, look no further, the light has been found.

Laura Downie, Interior Decorator & Stylist, Sydney

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