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Soul Strategy VIP Day

1:1 support as you anchor your vision

For change-makers, dream-weavers & legacy-leavers

Is a VIP Day right for you?

Are you ready to show up in the world, aligned with your big soul vision?

Are you ready to invest in your soul's gifts, lessons and purpose so you can make the brilliant impact you're here to make?

And are you ready to do business (and life) in a totally different soul-led way?

If you're ready for a deep commitment to yourself and your work, then let's deep-dive into your soul business, mission, project or vision over a half or full day, together.

One day = big transformations

Soul-based business

is business done different

Once I left PR to create my own business, I decided to do everything intuitively.

It was brilliant... but it only got me so far.

After a few years, the guidance changed: there was a new guide to listen to. It was my business, herself.

In your VIP Day, we'll connect with the soul of your business (or soul work/project), and let it guide us.

Your business knows what she's here to offer the world — your job is to listen.

I'll bring the psychic insights, you'll bring the big vision and together we'll create a new plan for your business.

This was one of the most amazing days of my life. Diving deep into the soul level healing was incredible, but I also really enjoyed the conversational aspects of our day. Being able to ask Helen a heap of questions about spirituality was great, and I so much enjoyed finding out more about Helen and her life. It was like a souly-girls-day-out!

Kate Manley

Your soul work has its own blueprint

Let's use it to guide you

Your business or project has its own blueprint, its own impact to make in the world.

What if THAT became your business plan?

Tuning into the energy and soul of your project, business or soul vision can radically change your trajectory.

When you receive the next aligned-action steps your business needs, then action them, huge change occurs.

Combining a decade of public relations and marketing, a business degree — and psychic insight - we'll create a whole new way forward for you and your business.

Think of me as a business advisor, but with a spiritual bent. I sit at the table as the voice of the business itself, not just spearheading one of its functions.


Three hours

Online, or in person (where possible)

Focus on one or two key themes


Six hours

Online, or in person (where possible)

We'll explore as many areas as possible

This if for you if:

  • You've already got serious runs on the board, you have at least six-figures in revenue OR you a leader/manager within an organisation with a similar impact
  • You feel called to play a bigger game, not just in terms of business growth, but in the movement and impact you’re making through the business or project.
  • You’re ready to align yourself and your business with the intangible calling leading you forward.
  • You already have a process for your inner growth and personal/spiritual development (or are happy to fast track one).

Got a big soul vision? I'll help you bring it to life

Working with Helen was gorgeous. Having her support and guidance to go deeper within is something that has brought about knowings and understandings I would have been challenged to reach on my own. My life has been shifting in every way, and after my session I could feel myself in the flow heading towards great soul pathways.

Sonya Schinck
Psychic, channel & soul guide

Helen Jacobs

I work with people just like you

To get the most our of your investment, a VIP Day is ideal for you if you are:

  • a high-performing, purpose-driven individual making a powerful impact
  • ready to quantum leap your current levels of success
  • desiring to align your business or project to something bigger than just you
  • sensing your work is so much bigger than you — you're called to bring through something phenomenal to our world.

My purpose is to help you bring your vision to fruition.

Investing in your soul never felt so good

This deep-dive VIP Day investment, either half or full-day, is a low four-figure investment.

I'll tailor your day to you, your business and your needs.

Next Steps

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I can't wait to support you to birth your brilliance into the world.