VIP Days

Soul Immersion
VIP Days

Map your soul’s path. Prepare your onward journey.
Amplify and accelerate your healing.
Immerse in your soul with Helen Jacobs as your guide.

The VIP treatment:
  • Virtual online session (in person in Brisbane, Australia, may be arranged upon request)
  • Runs 9am to 4pm
  • Lunch and refreshments provided, if run in person
  • Private sacred space cleansed and created, physically and remotely
  • Handpicked gifts – blessed and activated
  • 30 minute follow up call the following fortnight
A soul immersion:
  • Activation ceremony
  • Call in the High Council of Sages, your spirit guides and other light beings to guide your session
  • Receive the Aligned Action Steps required to move you along your soul path
  • Channel and guide specific, tailored clearing, healing, restoring and/or manifesting according to your soul blueprint
  • Map the onward journey
  • Completion ceremony

You’re ready for deep, lasting change

It’s time.

To step into your truth, your power and your potency.
To claim your abundance, your freedom and your joy.
To move into a new consciousness and energetic slipstream – one in alignment with your soul.

It’s time to up-level your life and begin truly activating your soul’s radiance and magnetism.

Let me guide you.

Immerse in your soul's frequency & accelerate change

In your Soul Immersion VIP Day, we will deep-dive into 1 or 2 key life areas, from the perspective of your soul and blueprint.

We’ll work with the High Council of Sages and your Spiritual Support Team to explore your soul’s agreements and how these are playing out for you right now.

As your soul’s guide, I bridge both the physical and non-physical worlds. I shed light and lead you into the realms and energy you may not yet perceive yourself.

We will open the energy of your blueprint, identify your lessons, patterns and healing ready for transformation, opening you to the truth now ready to expressed in your life.

This is deep soul healing – moving from the physical, mental, emotional and energetic realms (which have prepared the way for your soul’s integration) and directly into the realm of the soul.

A deeply transformational experience, the Soul Mapping VIP Day brings healing, integration and alignment together with the practical, earthly steps to take, albeit with your new potent, powerful soul-full presence.

As you move forward on your path, I’ll check in with you two weeks later with a 30 minute call, supporting and guiding you as you continue to integrate the soul level activation.

Over the last few years I have worked with Helen in several areas including receiving channeled guidance, completing the living intuitively course and 1:1 soul guidance mentoring. I have found Helen to be a genuine and honest person who works from a place of utmost integrity in helping me work towards my full soul's potential.

For anyone wanting guidance to living a more intuitive and soul-led life I would highly recommend Helen to guide you through the process.

Georgia Marrion

Helen has been a wonderful mentor over the last 6mths.

She is compassionate, caring, obviously very intuitive, and creates a safe space for me to show all my messiness and not to feel judged!

She works with positivity and light and brings humour into the darker areas. I have really appreciated her showing me things from a spiritual side rather than a too logical/black and white side that I would normally view my life from. This has helped me to make some great shifts in areas that I was stuck with for a while. Thank you Helen.

Nichola Powell

Your Guide, Helen Jacobs

I am a psychic, channel and soul guide who works with women ready to unlock the secrets of their soul blueprint. I reconnect you to your own inner guidance, and shed light along the path back to your soul.

I channel a group of spirit guides, the High Council of Sages, assigned to lead this movement of awakening women. The Council gave me the framework to follow as we move back into alignment with our soul, and it’s my mission to now share it with you.

To find out more about me, please visit the About Page.

Your Investment

This transformational experience and exploration is a low four-figure investment.

Next Steps

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