Group Mentoring

Figuring out your life’s path and purpose needn’t be so hard

You’re not a failure if you don’t yet understand your path and purpose.

It's ok if you were on one path to only be surprised it wasn’t the right path for you anymore.

It's normal to feel a little lost, confused or unsure (and, in my framework, it's a good sign you're exactly where you need to be).

And it can be hard when it seems everyone else knows their purpose but you.

You’re not behind and you’re not missing out — but you may have been looking in the wrong places.

If you’re ready to do it differently, invest and commit to your path and purpose then you have all you need to get started.

It is absolutely possible to feel your life is aligned with your soul, your values and your truth.

And it’s closer than you think.

Your path & purpose is an inside job

Many will tell you your purpose is something you find, discover.

They'll say: "Follow your passion" or "Follow your bliss" … but that’s not always the best plan.

In fact, your purpose can’t really be planned at all.

To know who you are and what you’re here to offer, you need to turn inward.

I imagine you've already been on a self-healing journey for sometime but feel like you’re not any closer to the life you crave.

There isn’t always some grand, definitive moment that makes our life path visible — instead, it’s a series of inner transformations that allow our true self to emerge.

Your purpose is less about what you do in the world, and more about who you are in the world.

Transforming your inner world reveals a new, aligned outer world. And a life lived squarely on-purpose.

The life you seek is seeking you

Your soul is calling you....'s calling you through that yearning for your life's path and purpose

... it's calling you into the change, transformation and healing you're moving through

... and it's calling you to pay attention to that dream, that vision of your life or future self

These feelings are important.

They are guiding you — not just to what's possible, but to what's inevitable.

What you desire is what your soul desires to bring you.

Seeker Group Mentoring

Community. Support. Guidance.

How Seeker group mentoring works

Seeker mentoring focuses on:

    - tuning you into your guidance and intuition
    - leading you through the inner transformation of your soul
    - reconnecting you to your life's true path and purpose.

I'll personally mentor the group through the teachings, frameworks, tools & supports you need to go deep and remember who you are and why you're really here.

The most cost effective way to work with me

Group mentoring includes:

    - a monthly Masterclass topic delivered by Helen
    - a group Q&A call with Helen answering your questions
    - relevant processes, practises, and tools each month
    - an ever-growing resource library
    - community support and sharing

Upon enrolling you'll:

    - complete an intake form, so my team and I are across your goals
    - access the core training framework
    - dive right into the trainings

    Live calls are at 10am Mondays AEST on alternate weeks. Recordings are available.

    Delivery is via a private Facebook group only.

    Enrol anytime and pick up as you join us.

Seeker is for you if you:

    - take self-responsibility for your experience
    - are prepared for the inner transformation work to reveal your purpose
    - have dabbled with concepts or modalities ad hoc, without significant momentum or breakthrough
    - are willing to do things differently
    - desire connection & community
    - are ready to commit to a minimum three months
    - are ready to invest in yourself financially, energetically, emotionally and with time

Seeker is not for you if you:

    - want a step-by-step, one-size-fits-all formula
    - prefer to consume content but not do the work
    - just want me to psychically predict your purpose
    - already feel "on path" or "on purpose"
    - can't access Facebook.This is the only delivery option at this time

Helen Jacobs

Mentor. Author. Speaker. Psychic.

I am a psychic, channel and soul guide who works with those ready to follow their intuition and walk their divine life path. I reconnect you to your own inner guidance, and shed light along the path back to your soul.

For more than a decade, I've been channeling guidance from spirit and taking their messages and formulating frameworks, exercises, techniques and tools that help move you from stuck and lost to aligned and on-purpose.

They are the tools I've personally used and thousands of people all over the world have used to create deep, lasting change in their life.

Your investment

Seeker group mentoring requires a minimum three month financial commitment. You may stay as a Seeker member for as long as you wish, for the life of the program.

Payment is immediate upon purchase and automatically continue monthly until you decide to cancel (after the first three months). 

Upon cancellation, you'll exit the program and forfeit access to all trainings. 

Group mentoring subscription

$275 a month Join now

Minimum 3 month subscription