Rhythms and Rituals Supporting the Journey

Rhythms and Rituals Supporting the Journey

As I’ve charted this Soul Journey, peering into the particular areas our Soul moves into for healing and growth, I’ve noticed the rhythms and rituals the Human Self will be prompted to adopt to support the transformation at hand.

Early on in the Soul Journey, when we are asked to follow our intuition, we will be guided back into rhythm with our self and Mother Earth. We’ll notice the lunar cycles, our menstrual cycles, the seasons and even the cycles of astrology. We can see the popularity of such topics as the Collective Soul Journey moves through this phase of the journey.

Sinking into (or syncing with) these rhythms in your own life naturally bring you back into the flow of your own Soul – and when you can begin to hear your Soul’s voice, your intuition, clearly once more, you’ll be primed for the next phase of your Soul Journey.

So, bathing your crystals in the full moon, setting your intentions, creating with your menstrual cycle and caring for your body differently through the seasons is not just a nice thing to do. It’s one of the ways you’re already being guided deeper into your own Soul Path.

The power isn’t in the practices, but in what they open up within you.

The same can be said for the rituals along the way – women’s circles, full or new moon ceremonies, a red tent, saging, burning, chanting. Again, these things are beautiful in their own right, but they aren’t a means to an end. They are an offering at the door or gateway into a new phase of your Soul Journey.

Pay attention to the rhythms and rituals you’re drawn to. Notice how they change over time – and know this is signaling changes in your own Soul Journey.