Private Mentorship

Private Mentorship

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In a private mentorship with me, I walk alongside you as you navigate your soul path, with me as your guide, reminding you of your purpose, lessons and gifts and connecting to the guidance you're already receiving.

I tailor the experience specific to your unique soul blueprint and expression of your journey that you're currently moving through, helping you move through the clearing, healing, restoring or manifesting necessary at this point in your journey.

We may explore the challenges, the blocks and the limitations holding you back from accessing your own guidance, or enacting what you feel to be true for you, within.

We may explore your deep soul desires, your soul’s callings, gifts and truths. We uncover all the ways your soul is asking you to bring these desires, gifts and truths into form... then we walk together to do just this.

We may explore the interconnectivity of all your life's areas - your work, relationships, health and more - to help move you from stuck and stagnant back into flowing and abundant, in accordance with your soul path.

Whatever we explore, know it will be guided by soul and spirit.

Our mentorship journey together begins with a deep dive into your soul path and the current conditions at play - then we drill this down into the specific aligned action steps to take in your day-to-day life. I call on my skills as psychic and soul guide to help light the path you may not yet fully see for yourself.


How it works

6 fortnightly sessions

Focus on one, or two themes

Voxer support between sessions


How it works

12 fortnightly sessions

Deep dive across many themes

Voxer support between sessions

Are we a match for mentoring?

I'm ready to work with you if you:

  • feel called to make changes from the inside out, in accordance with your path, purpose and lessons
  • are ready to follow your own guidance and trust in the unfolding of you path and purpose - which can't be rushed or forced and is rarely logical
  • take self-responsibility for your progress, your energy, your choices and actions.
  • recognise yourself as a powerful co-creator in your own life, and within these sessions with me.

    I adore working with people ready to step into their truth and do the inner work to bring that light to the fore and radiate it for all to see. 

    I am so incredibly grateful to Helen and her amazing gift and beautiful energy that has supported me throughout my journey.

    Through both individual readings and mentoring Helen has helped me understand and learn how to live intuitively, has worked with me on releasing fears and allowing me to open up and receive as well as trust and believe in myself, the universe and my path.

    Helens intuition along with messages she receives are always perfectly timed and insightful, guiding and supporting me exactly how I need it at the time. I feel blessed to have worked with Helen and for what she has taught me, she has made such a positive impact on my journey and I feel like this is just the beginning of so much more to come in discovering my soul purpose.

    Megan Ezzy
    Intuitive Art Therapist
    Guidance + Insight

    Ongoing support

    How I mentor

    I am not your typical coach. First and foremost, my role is as a bridge between you and spirit. I will help you see your situation from spirit's perspective —we'll explore energy, lessons, purpose and the steps to take to clear your way forward.

    You bring your questions and focus areas into the session, I'll help guide you through. Together, we'll navigate your path, with spirit guiding your way.

    I have been working with Helen for nearly 3 years now. At each and every step I have been supported by Helen and her amazing business. Through these 3 years I have moved countries 3 times and changed roles and have been supported through the whole process with learnings from Helen which are now intuitive to me.

    I know how to support myself through any personal development from what I have learnt, to allow me to live both intuitively and authentically. This is invaluable.

    Helen is extremely personable, a great listener and totally authentic which has allowed trust to build in our work together over time. I feel that Helen will be in my life for many years to come. I really thank Helen for all her guidance in the last 3 years.

    Brigid O'Leary

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    Your Investment

    Please know, the financial investment for this three month journey also reflects our deep commitment to this work, at a low four-figure sum for three months.

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