Guided Gathering

Guided Gatherings

Collective energies.
Personal transformation.

Monthly online circle.

Monthly online event

  • Channeled guidance from spirit
  • Energy upgrades and healings
  • Guided group transformations

Knowing isn't the same as living

It's what we do with our guidance that matters.

Let's take the collective energies and transform ourselves.

Let's rise up, into our truth and unique life paths.

Let's gather together as we do.

Gather on the last Tuesday of each month

Reflect & process the month that was.

Prepare for the month ahead.

Guided Gatherings take you deeper

Join Helen each month, live or via replay, as she channels from her Spiritual Support Team and the High Council of Sages. Channeling live to a group brings through dynamic messages in real time for those attending and listening. Spirit works beyond time and space and these events have previously proved incredibly powerful.

These messages will take a deeper dive into the topics on The Guided Collective Podcast, including the monthly forecasts, as well as explore supporting topics, receive Spirit's input and guide the group through transformational practices and processes via meditation and energy healings.

Plus, if you attend live, you can interact with Helen live on the circle.

As a live channeled event (and totally unscripted) each month is completely different in nature, but sure to help you to understand the energies at play and how to integrate them into your own life.

You'll not only receive collective guidance, but the transmissions from spirit to personally transform. You'll leave each event with the clearing, healing, restoring required to continue manifesting your divine life path.

Monthly Guided Gatherings

Join the collective live.

Or replay in your own time.

You're ready for the Guided Gathering if you want to:

  • go deeper to Helen's weekly forecasts on The Guided Collective Podcast, or in her weekly newsletters
  • shift your own energy and quantum leap into new possibilities each month
  • feel the potent power of energy work on mass
  • commit to real and lasting change, not just think about it
  • receive monthly energy upgrades
  • have access to Helen each month as you navigate these energies

Guidance Your Way

Engage with All I See the way you want to:


Upcoming Dates

Attend live online, or replay in your own time

February 25th, 2020, 7:30pm AEST

March 31st, 2020, 7:30pm AEST

April 28th, 2020, 7:30pm AEST

*Times and dates are subject to change

Take The Guided Collective Podcast deeper

And gather with the collective to transform, together.

I am so incredibly grateful to Helen and her amazing gift and beautiful energy that has supported me throughout this journey.

Helen's intuition along with messages she receives are always perfectly timed and insightful, guiding and supporting me exactly how I need at the time. I feel blessed to have worked with Helen and for what she has taught me. She has made such a positive impact on my journey, and I feel like this is just the beginning of so much more to come in discovering my soul purpose.

Tess Mion

Your Guide, Helen Jacobs

Psychic. Channel. Soul guide.

I am a psychic, channel and soul guide who works with those ready to follow their intuition and walk their divine life path. I reconnect you to your own inner guidance, and shed light along the path back to your soul.

During Guided Gatherings, I channel a group of guiding beings called the High Council of Sages. They're assigned to lead this movement of the awakening and guided. The Council will share with us the energies, the forecasts and the processes needed to bring us back into alignment with our soul and path.

My Spiritual Support Team, affectionately names Chris, will no doubt join these events too.

You'll also find me hosting The Guided Collective Podcast and I'm the author of You Already Know.

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