Choose Your Own Soul Adventure

Choose Your Own Soul Adventure

My recent clairvoyant expeditions have shown me a beautiful landscape each Soul journeys through over the course of its many lifetimes. This landscape has been shown to me like a map with particular terrains, weather patterns, peaks and troughs. There’s a myriad of pathways from point A to point B, each a marvellous adventure for those brave enough to choose it.

As I’ve clairvoyantly peered over this scene, I’ve observed particular phases within this landscape — little enclaves with their own unique conditions. And I’ve seen the tools and supports that are needed as you move through these areas — with a little planning and foresight, you are better prepared to handle the area’s culture and idiosyncrasies.

My Spirit Guides have shown this landscape to me from many angles.

I can peer over this view and see how the collective moves within it. I can see the masses within each particular enclaves, what they’re doing there and how they might be able to carry on their journey, should they choose to. I see how the group is mobilised to move from one area to the next. I can see the Collective Soul Journey.

I can zoom in to any particular area, understand its energetic conditions, how to prepare for and work with that enclave’s particular weather pattern, and how any one individual may experience it. I can see the Collective Energy Forecasts.

I have also seen my own, and others’, particular journeys through this landscape. I can see the phases each individual Soul journeys through, the lessons learnt there and how this is shaping what that Soul is here to teach. I can map Map the Soul Path.

I have also seen the teachings that help heal, transform and elevate individuals out of one particular enclave and back onto their Soul Path. I channel and teach the frameworks that support the Soul’s Journey.

Just as I can clairvoyantly peer over the scene, as if hovering above in a helicopter, watching all below from a bird’s eye view, I’ve also had to come back down to earth, into my human body and physical reality here. I too, must try to navigate the same terrain from a very different viewpoint. I can bridge the divide between the Human and Soul Selves.

I see myself as a Soul Guide, reminding you of the full lay of the land, of what’s possible beyond your own perception. I reconnect you to your own Soul’s adventure — your Soul Map, the energetic weather patterns, and mentor you so you’re able to navigate any of the terrain.

I bring you back to the remarkable multi-dimensional adventure you really signed up for, so you can bring yourself back into alignment with your Soul.

I see myself as a pioneer. I’ve gone out into the terrain, mapped it, taken notes in the field, I’ve studied what occurs at each point throughout the lands. I believe it’s part of my Soul’s mission to report back, to share my findings and prepare others for the trek ahead.

Ultimately, we must each walk our own Soul path, but it’s my hope that in highlighting what to look out for — the terrain, the potential pitfalls, the spectacular views and the many guides and teachers you’ll meet along the way — that you may have the support and assistance along your path, to help light and navigate your way when you feel your own light won’t illuminate what you need to see.

This is the adventure of a lifetime — of this lifetime, and indeed many previous and subsequent lifetimes to come. I hope what I’ve found along my own journey of the Human and Soul realms adds to your own adventure, that you have all you need as your walk your own Soul Path.