Name: Helen
Meaning: Shining Light

I have come to see the wisdom in the name that I was given.

I have journeyed through my healing, embraced the truth of who I am.

I am a shining light, illuminating and unearthing what the physical cannot see. I bring clarity and clear seeing. I amplify your light.

I see the world of spirit. I sense energy and its flow. I share secrets of the soul path, having scribed it from the sages.

I reveal your soul’s truth and the vastness of your spirit.

I reconnect you to your soul’s unique beat, so you may dance your part in the collective’s rhythm.

I’m a conduit, a bridge, a link between two worlds.
I’m a psychic, a channel, a soul guide.
I’m a writer, a teacher, a mentor.

I bring you all I’ve channeled for your journey back to soul.

I am Helen Jacobs, and I am thrilled you are here.

A conduit, a bridge, a link between two worlds

My whole life, I’ve been aware of non-physical beings and have moved through various stages of engagement with them.

For the past decade, I’ve consciously connected with them, received and recorded their guidance, lived by it, and shared it far and wide.

A new gathering of spirit guides and light beings has emerged. They are called the High Council of Sages and I bring through their guidance for this movement of soul-led women, journeying back to soul.

A psychic, a channel, a soul guide

Since 2008, I worked as a professional psychic reading and mentoring thousands of people the world over. I’ve channeled various guides, masters and light beings, now with a particular focus on the messages of the High Council of Sages.

These Sages have shown me a specific process we move through on the journey back to soul. We journey from igniting our intuition as the catalyst for change, then harness it through our Awakening, Ascension, Alignment and Activation of our soul’s blueprint.

I now see the shared collective journey and each individual’s soul path woven within it.

A writer, a teacher, a mentor

Despite establishing a thriving private practice for personal consultations, my soul’s blueprint details the importance of my work reaching many, as a writer, teacher and mentor.

The evolution of my soul brought an evolution in my offering. Here, I share the channeled messages for the collective, I teach the journey of the soul and I mentor and guide those souls now ready to amplify their light.

My Soul Journey Here

Of course, this isn’t where I started...

I too began my healing journey after my intuition was ignited, and that came with the shocking confirmation I could connect to the world of spirit. I couldn’t ignore my truth any longer. Following my hunch to explore it completely changed my life.

I left the safety of the corporate world and set out to give psychic readings. The Universe stepped in and, almost over night, I was booked six months ahead. Always stretched beyond my comfort zone, I looked towards reaching more people – the birth of my writing, teaching and mentoring.

I established The Little Sage and for the next few years, taught the basics of intuition and Intuitive Living there, alongside my private consults. And, as my own awareness expanded, so too has the message… now, culminating in the full soul’s journey shared here.

No soul journeys alone. This path led me to my love, Gary, and our two daughters, Isla and Rose. We currently live in our dream home in Brisbane, Australia.

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